Es gibt einfachere Wege, um nach neuen Märkten Ausschau zu halten.

How to Grow Profitably in International Markets

Fast, Early, and Profitable Internationalization with Company2NewMarket®

Fast Changing International Environment

Entering international markets overseas is becoming more and more complex. The increasing multi-polarity of the world, the shift in economic performance towards growth markets and the progressively faster technological and political changes are but a few developments that make it necessary for international market entry to become even more professionalized. Global managers talk openly about such challenges while they are sitting over a glass of wine at the bar of an international hotel chain or in an airport lounge. They complain about the increase in work load due to the impact of the debt crisis in Europe (for example), the changes in the political situation in MENA and the growing regulation and tax burden world-wide.

High Risks of International Organizations

Unlike the economic press which hails examples of success and even sees market entry in China (for example) as a standard program for cowards, global managers face failures which are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Sales and profits are falling short of targets, foreign branches are being closed at a huge loss and at great expense or joint ventures are being terminated. This news is frightening because the only promising future for most medium and large-sized companies is to be found in developing international markets. The so-called “hidden champions” or high-tech start-up firms show that only the successful implementation of strategies by (niche) market leaders can ensure the sustainability of a company; this entails their presence on the major growth markets.

Apply a Market Development Process like company2newmarket® 

This objective can only be achieved if international market entry develops into a sustainable competitive advantage. A structured market entry process (for example: “company2newmarket”® ) is a major factor in helping a company to enter new international markets more swiftly and with fewer resources and risks. Nowadays, only those companies that are in a position to sell their technology and products on all major global markets more successfully than their competitors are able to compete effectively.

C2NM – about us 

C2NM is a  leading consulting, training, publication,  and  IT development  firm specializing in the field of  international  and  intercultural management. C2NM offers tailor-made intercultural seminars, training, and coaching to communicate more efficiently in intercultural situations. C2NM supports your organization to acquire NEW customers in NEW foreign markets in LESS time, with FEWER resources, and at LOWER risk. Let internationalization become your competitive advantage. We will succeed with you.

Market Entry Process "company2newmarket®"

The application of a structured market entry process allows our clients to acquire NEW customers in NEW foreign markets in LESS time, with FEWER resources, and at LOWER risk.

So, our clients internationalize earlier, faster, and more profitably. Internationalization will become their competitive advantage.

Market Development Process C2NM company2newmarket®

More Information in "Global Market Strategies"

How to Turn Your Company into a Successful International Firm

Global market strategies is the ultimate guide to turn your organization into a successful international enterprise, non-governmental- and non-profit-organization or government agency.

Global market strategies is published by Campus Verlag and available as Print and E-book. It is distributed by Chicago University Press.

Global Market Strategies
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Über c2nm

C2NM ist ein führendes Beratungs-, Trainings- und IT-Entwicklungsunternehmen, welches sich auf Lösungen im Bereich des internationalen und interkulturellen Managements spezialisiert hat.

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