Es gibt einfachere Wege, um nach neuen Märkten Ausschau zu halten.

Zurich –  More and more firms are looking for new clients abroad. Based on the experience from our research and many client projects from different markets and industries, we have identified five key success factors, which every international organization should take into consideration when planning to go abroad. 

Success Factor 1: Intercultural Competence. 

The most important success factor is qualified and experienced employees. Due to our experience, soft skills like the ability to develop and grow international networks, to manage intercultural teams, to acquire clients in foreign markets, or to learn and to adapt successfully to a fast changing environment, become increasingly important.

Success Factor 2: Unique Products and Services. 

Which client would buy from a foreign supplier, if the products and services won't offer a unique benefit like for example a lower price, a better quality or a higher performance? Obviously no one. If products and services can't offer real, unique, and sustainable client benefits and can't be adapted to local client needs and regulation, it is better to stay at home.

Success Factor 3: Market Intelligence drives the Quality of Decisions. 

Good decisions are nothing more than a sheer good fortune without the right market intelligence. Decisions about foreign markets need to be prepared very professionally because proper experience and market knowledge doesn't count much abroad. Thus, good decisions abroad are more based on facts and figures than on long-term experiences and home market expertise.

Success Factor 4: Structured Market Development Process.

We often recognize that many organizations don't prepare and structure their internationalization well. Due to daily business and the pressure to deliver immediate results, managers often start internationalization without proper planning by contacting their proper network. Although, there is nothing wrong about that, it is proven in theory and practice that the application of a structured market development process always leads to better results. Therefore, C2NM has developed its famous "company2newmarket®" process, which supports our clients to acquire new customers in new foreign markets in less time, with fewer resources, and at lower risk.

Success Factor 5: Efficient Risk Management. 

The number of market entry barriers like for example regulations, registrations, bureaucracy, or legal liabilities and monetary penalties are increasing despite of contrary communication of politicians. Many international organizations are expanding their compliance departments to understand what rules they have to follow and how to apply them in daily business. Further, they still need to manage classical international risks like for example loss of receivables.

For additional information about the key success factors and how to implement them in your organization, please get in touch with us.

C2NM – about us 

C2NM is a  leading consulting, training, publication,  and  IT development  firm specializing in the field of  international  and  intercultural management. C2NM offers tailor-made intercultural seminars, training, and coaching to communicate more efficiently in intercultural situations. C2NM supports your organization to acquire NEW customers in NEW foreign markets in LESS time, with FEWER resources, and at LOWER risk. Let internationalization become your competitive advantage. We will succeed with you.

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