Es gibt einfachere Wege, um nach neuen Märkten Ausschau zu halten.

Zurich – Before traveling abroad, I prepare myself for intercultural situations, especially when I am involved in sales talks, corporate presentations, and difficult negotiations like conflict resolutions. Due to the growing internationalization and the existence of multicultural organizations, intercultural competence becomes increasingly important for more and more employees and managers in their daily business. Therefore, I would like to share my most valuable recommendations for an efficient intercultural communication.

  • Start your talks with an open, tolerant mindset and the true intention to avoid misunderstandings and to reach your conversation goals.
  • Try to see cultural differences as a chance and not as a barrier to understand.
  • Speak about the challenges of intercultural communication because all participants should be aware of it.
  • Don't forget to repeat the topic, the goals, and the contents at the beginning of each intercultural conversation. 
  • Talk about yourself (e.g. personal introduction) and your organization (e.g. corporate presentation) with the intention to identify commonalities. Therefore, you don't have to reveal personal or corporate secrets.
  • Emphasize commonalities to create common ground as a starting point to reach the conversation goals.
  • Avoid local dialects, accents, proverbs, cultural codes, and complicated rhetorical structures, which easily lead to misunderstandings.
  • Use short sentences and select simple words, which are easy to understand.
  • Listen carefully. Ask, if something is unclear. Repeat important decisions and agreements in your own words.
  • Pay attention to other forms of communication like for example body language.
  • Change your perspective or "walk in the shoes of your communication partner". Every participant will interpret the conversation based on his own culture. Thus, make sure that everyone understands well.

C2NM – about us 

C2NM is a  leading consulting, training, publication,  and  IT development  firm specializing in the field of  international  and  intercultural management. C2NM offers tailor-made intercultural seminars, training, and coaching to communicate more efficiently in intercultural situations. C2NM supports your organization to acquire NEW customers in NEW foreign markets in LESS time, with FEWER resources, and at LOWER risk. Let internationalization become your competitive advantage. We will succeed with you.

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Über c2nm

C2NM ist ein führendes Beratungs-, Trainings- und IT-Entwicklungsunternehmen, welches sich auf Lösungen im Bereich des internationalen und interkulturellen Managements spezialisiert hat.

Mit unseren Produkten und Dienstleistungen wird es auch Ihnen gelingen, mehr neue Kunden in mehr neuen Auslandsmärkten mit weniger Ressourcen und Risiken in kürzerer Zeit zu gewinnen.


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